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Magic Chicken

14 Oct

After a fun-filled weekend (complete with apple picking!), I decided to whip up a chicken dish with this new mustard I bought at the apple farm’s market.  This sauce is exquisite, tangy, shocking, sweet; basically an explosion in your mouth.  It’s called sweet beet and horseradish mustard, by Terrapin Ridge Farms.  I will be using the sauce in hopefully many different ways, as its flavor is quite irresistible.



I added in some soy sauce, garlic, and Sriracha and stir-fried it all together, creating the masterpiece that my roommate loved so much, she decided to whip up a batch herself.  So yummy.  I served this over some rigatoni pasta which worked very well together!  Hopefully this will be inspiration for many more random recipes to come.


On another note, for my birthday, I received a copy of the Sriracha Cookbook.  Be prepared for many Sriracha themed posts! I can’t wait! Fire on up!


College and Guac

16 Sep

After being at college for almost a month, I guess it’s finally time to post about my baby kitchen! It certainly is baby.  The full-sized cookie sheet doesn’t fit in the oven because it’s too small and there’s about 1 square foot of counter space.  Not to mention metal drawers that are rusting… But it’s no big deal… really.  



There she is.  So little.  

Anyways.  The first thing I made (almost a month ago…oops, college has been keeping me way too busy) was guacamole! It was so yummy.  Complete with a splash of lime juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  I have to say, making the adjustment from large kitchen to almost nonexistent kitchen has been a little difficult, but I am getting used to it.  I only buy what can fit in our fridge, and always clean up right after I cook.  This system’s been pretty good so far.  Hopefully it’ll be easy enough to keep up for the entire year.


The itty bitty chunk space I had to work with!



The final product!  So yummy.  Whole Foods supplied my avocados and everything else that went into this wonderful bowl of guacamole.  



Did I mention Whole Foods has fantastic chips? Lightly Salted.