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4th of July!

6 Jul

This 4th of July, it was extremely hot out.  Naturally, we had a barbecue complete with meat, meat, meat, and more meat (get the hint?).  We had a lovely feast of steak tips, ribs, and sausage along with some veggies and of course, dessert.  I was in charge of the sweets for the evening and decided on a chocolate fudge pie (which was sadly eaten before I could snap a photo) and some frozen pops to mitigate the heat.  

ImageSuch a feast.  We went at it like vultures.  

After we all recovered from our food comas, we dove right into dessert.  The chocolate fudge pie was a success (hence the lack of documentation), but the pops were sensational.  Now, I’m a big fan of pops to begin with.  My friends from school and I love to indulge in Pleasant Pops whenever the chance arises, and I couldn’t help myself when I discovered the cookbook, Paletas, by Fany Gerson.  The 4th of July pops recipe I used, however, was especially favored by Mastah Grillaz (one of which ate 4 pops).  The greek yogurt, raspberries, and blueberries (yes, I deviated from the actual recipe) were healthy and refreshing after a major pig-out on such a hot day.  


I had a little trouble getting the pops to come out of their molds after freezing them for a few hours.  I read up on how to get the best pop results, and the Paletas book says freezing them as long as possible is key.  Next time I attempt these, I’ll try leaving them in the freezer overnight and see what happens!




So quaint- who doesn’t love patriotic pops in a patriotic house in a patriotic state?


Cake Pops!!

15 Aug

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable.  I decided to make cake pops.  It was actually pretty hard to get them right, and they are quite time consuming.  Although in the end, I felt pretty happy with my colorful, tasty results.  I bought the cake pop mold thinking that I would need it to make the delicious dessert, but little did I know that you actually don’t need these; all you need is cake and frosting and two hands waiting to mush them together (I secretly had fun doing the messy part).  


Of course, I chose funfetti. 🙂 I only made a batch of 12 in the cake pop mold (I thought it would be fun to use it even though I didn’t need to), then baked the rest into a giant blob (mmm)


Even though the balls spilled over a little in their mold, I just ended up mushing them into cake+frosting goo.



They look like UFO’s! Haha





Shaping them into little balls was the easy part.  I had to dip the lollipop sticks into the chocolate, stick them into the cake, and wait for it to harden.  I learned this after I tried to completely coat the cake pop with chocolate immediately after sticking it*.


Clearly, things got a little messy**.



The final product!!  Some of them are prettier than the others, but let’s not judge the poor little things. 


Not bad, huh? 🙂


*Note the failure. 

**Note the eaten failure.