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Roasted Cherry Brownies

16 Jul

Cherry season is coming on strong.  Every single time my mom has gone grocery shopping, she’s brought home a nice big bag full of succulent cherries.  I decided to put these puppies to good use in a recipe that I made last year around this time.  Image

I may or may not have snacked on a couple cherries while pitting them.

This recipe is extremely easy to do, which is partially why I love it so much (aside from the fact that the brownies are gooey and delicious).  I do remember last time I did this though, I made them with the home-made brownie recipe, which was much more extensive.  I admit (shamefully), that today, I used brownie mix [gasp!].


The brownie mix waiting patiently as the cherries roast.

While my mom and I waited for the brownies to bake, we ate dinner.  She cooked a tofu dish with mushrooms, green onions, garlic, and a little ginger.  It was so yummy I wanted to eat so much more, but then my nose detected a wonderful chocolatey scent wafting through the kitchen.  Naturally, I held off.



I took the brownies out after 25 minutes.  Perfection.