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4th of July!

6 Jul

This 4th of July, it was extremely hot out.  Naturally, we had a barbecue complete with meat, meat, meat, and more meat (get the hint?).  We had a lovely feast of steak tips, ribs, and sausage along with some veggies and of course, dessert.  I was in charge of the sweets for the evening and decided on a chocolate fudge pie (which was sadly eaten before I could snap a photo) and some frozen pops to mitigate the heat.  

ImageSuch a feast.  We went at it like vultures.  

After we all recovered from our food comas, we dove right into dessert.  The chocolate fudge pie was a success (hence the lack of documentation), but the pops were sensational.  Now, I’m a big fan of pops to begin with.  My friends from school and I love to indulge in Pleasant Pops whenever the chance arises, and I couldn’t help myself when I discovered the cookbook, Paletas, by Fany Gerson.  The 4th of July pops recipe I used, however, was especially favored by Mastah Grillaz (one of which ate 4 pops).  The greek yogurt, raspberries, and blueberries (yes, I deviated from the actual recipe) were healthy and refreshing after a major pig-out on such a hot day.  


I had a little trouble getting the pops to come out of their molds after freezing them for a few hours.  I read up on how to get the best pop results, and the Paletas book says freezing them as long as possible is key.  Next time I attempt these, I’ll try leaving them in the freezer overnight and see what happens!




So quaint- who doesn’t love patriotic pops in a patriotic house in a patriotic state?


Oatmeal with Blackberries

9 Aug

I love blackberries. I enjoy oatmeal. So when I had a craving for a sweet breakfast this “morning” -ehm, 11 am-, I decided to put the two together!  I initially couldn’t find the brown sugar, so I decided to get creative and sprinkle some cinnamon on top instead.  It wasn’t exactly the sweet satisfaction I’d been hoping for, especially since the blackberries were a wee bit sour.


As I was putting the oatmeal away, I came across the brown sugar (hurray!!).  I took the box, ran over to my bowl of oatmeal, and sprinkled some on top.  Needless to say, my breakfast was 1000 times better.  My sweet craving was ultimately satisfied.


Mmm breakfast.