Memorial Day

27 May

We held our annual Memorial Day grilling bonanza a day early this year. The meal included -a lot- of freshly smoked salmon, ribs (done by one of the Mastah Grillaz), and Madeleine cookies (made by yours truly) by using my handy dandy Madeleine-shaped cookie tin. We nibbled so much of the smoked salmon while waiting for the ribs that it nearly replaced our meal. Never fear though, because the ribs were in fact consumed almost in their entirety- St. Louis style took the win on those, in my opinion.


Hunka-hunka-smoked salmon anyone?


The most of Madeleines were dunked in some of the Birthday Cake’s leftover chocolate frosting, but nothing could be more distinct about these little cookies than the fresh kick of lemon zest incorporated into these morsels. Yum!

Lastly, my mom and I enjoyed a nice walk to a close-by hiking spot and reservation. We saw loads of pretty flowers on our walk!



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