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Memorial Day

27 May

We held our annual Memorial Day grilling bonanza a day early this year. The meal included -a lot- of freshly smoked salmon, ribs (done by one of the Mastah Grillaz), and Madeleine cookies (made by yours truly) by using my handy dandy Madeleine-shaped cookie tin. We nibbled so much of the smoked salmon while waiting for the ribs that it nearly replaced our meal. Never fear though, because the ribs were in fact consumed almost in their entirety- St. Louis style took the win on those, in my opinion.


Hunka-hunka-smoked salmon anyone?


The most of Madeleines were dunked in some of the Birthday Cake’s leftover chocolate frosting, but nothing could be more distinct about these little cookies than the fresh kick of lemon zest incorporated into these morsels. Yum!

Lastly, my mom and I enjoyed a nice walk to a close-by hiking spot and reservation. We saw loads of pretty flowers on our walk!



Birthday Celebrations

27 May

This past week was the birthday celebration of a beloved neighbor. Per request, I made a white birthday cake with chocolate frosting (all from scratch of course), and had my first attempt at writing with colored icing. It was extremely difficult, especially since it was essentially butter (so healthy, right?). After a little bit of a scramble with some awkward lettering, the cake shaped up quite nicely. It was so delicious I don’t think I’ll ever feel satisfied with store-bought or cake mix-cake ever again.


There’s nothing better than a puffy white cake waiting to be frosted with rich, homemade chocolate frosting.


The final product (with the help of my sidekick Paris) was a cutely decorated cake with lots of sentiment.

Welcome Home

22 May

I’ve been home for a little over a week now, and I’ve been showered with all different kinds of feasts.  On my first day back, the fam and I went to a fantastic restaurant called Barrel House, where I had a nice juicy piece of rib eye.  The rents got lamb and fish which were also equally as good.  For dessert, a lovely peanut butter and jelly bread pudding with burnt sugar ice cream.  Can you say “yum”??


My beautiful rib eye, complete with a crispy-fried cake of mushroom risotto (hidden by the enormous piece of meat).


The Lamb. Need I say more?


Fancy fish, cooked “sous vide,” aka poached in a bag full of marinade. Yum!

The next day, we had yet another feast.  We had burgers (recipes that sparked my interest from the BuzzFeed article: 28 Badass Burgers To Grill This Weekend) and bao bao; a quintessential daughter-just-returned-from-college-meal.

I of course made a Key Lime Pie (yes, with real key limes) whose delicate yet distinct flavor contrasted nicely with the robust savoriness of the burgers and bao bao.  To top it all off, the weather cleared up and the neighbors came over to enjoy the pie with us!


I obviously needed to instagrill the production of the Badass Burgers…


…and the steaming of the bao bao.


The final product- a happy Soph and jealous instafoodies.*

*Note, Badass Burgers consumed: #1, #3, and #12.

-Drum Roll Please-

The Key Limes…



…and The Pie