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Bacon Bacon Bacon

25 Jul

So my Dad’s been getting into all kinds of charcuterie and stuff.  One of the thing’s he’s been working on is… you guessed it… BACON!  The way it’s been working is that the bacon meat sits in spices and yummy goodness and salts for a while in the fridge, and then is fried on the stove.  The product is mouthwateringly fabulous.


On a side note, bacon frying not only produces crunchy bacon, but it creates fantastic bacon grease.  The batch we fried this time yielded a good quarter cup of the stuff! Bacon grease, we have discovered, is magical in that it does not allow anything to stick to pans.  MmmImage


Happy Birthday Daddy!!

22 Jul

Yesterday was my dad’s 50th birthday! It was an exciting and absolutely beautiful day filled with surprises (an iPad), mountain biking, and a glorious dinner at Helmand in Cambridge (the food was so amazing I completely forgot to snap a picture…).  As the resident baker in the family, I always make a fabulous cake.  This year, as requested, I made a Carrot Cake.  It was amazing.  Martha Stewart clearly knows what she’s doing.  This recipe has the perfect ratio of spices, carrots, pecans, everything.  Everyone was pleased, especially the birthday boy, when they all took their first bites of the scrumptious confection.


This recipe is heavy duty on the spices (and butter), which made the cake that much better.


The 30 minutes of baking time gave me the perfect amount of time to wash my mixing bowl and make the Cream Cheese Frosting.  Absolute Heaven.


This is a snapshot of the cake upon completion.  You can’t even tell that there’s a crack in the cake! -It crumbled just a tad when I was flipping the second layer on top of the first layer.  I have made this before, and the same thing happened last time I made this cake.  I discovered that, since the cream cheese frosting is essentially like glue, you can just slather it on a little extra and leave the cake be in that area.  That way no one can tell that the frosting is hiding a (shameful) secret!


The pecans encrusting the sides of the cake are a nice, decorative touch to such a massive cake.  And they’re yummy! 🙂


Time to make a wish and dig in!

Love you Papa Bear! Happy Birthday!

Kevin’s Kale

20 Jul

So, apparently kale is growing like wildfire in our family friend Kevin’s garden.  When I heard this exciting news, I quickly claimed a bunch to experiment with.  I remembered having kale chips at the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods one day during the school year.  I decided to give it a go, with a few leaves of kale, a little bit of olive oil and some coarse salt.  It took about 2 seconds to prepare and about 8 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees and it was ready to eat! It’s a nice crispy alternative to unhealthy, sodium saturated potato chips.


Giant kale leaf!


After a quick prep, the kale is ready to be crispified.


The final product.  🙂

Scrambled Omelette

18 Jul

I love eggs. Especially in the form of an omelette.  However, when such a breakfast doesn’t exactly go as planned (which is usually the case…), I just decide to scramble whatever’s in the pan.  Thus, the scrambled omelette is born.  Now, there’s nothing special about this dish besides the fact that it’s a scrambled conglomeration of eggs and veggies (and in this case, left over duck from a Chinese restaurant).  However, I like to think of a scrambled omelette as a hipster omelette, straying from society and not needing to have that perfect, circular circumference.  It’s weirdness almost makes it better.



Roasted Cherry Brownies

16 Jul

Cherry season is coming on strong.  Every single time my mom has gone grocery shopping, she’s brought home a nice big bag full of succulent cherries.  I decided to put these puppies to good use in a recipe that I made last year around this time.  Image

I may or may not have snacked on a couple cherries while pitting them.

This recipe is extremely easy to do, which is partially why I love it so much (aside from the fact that the brownies are gooey and delicious).  I do remember last time I did this though, I made them with the home-made brownie recipe, which was much more extensive.  I admit (shamefully), that today, I used brownie mix [gasp!].


The brownie mix waiting patiently as the cherries roast.

While my mom and I waited for the brownies to bake, we ate dinner.  She cooked a tofu dish with mushrooms, green onions, garlic, and a little ginger.  It was so yummy I wanted to eat so much more, but then my nose detected a wonderful chocolatey scent wafting through the kitchen.  Naturally, I held off.



I took the brownies out after 25 minutes.  Perfection.



14 Jul

I was craving an omelette for breakfast this morning, so I decided to make one.  And one for my mommy and grandma.  I don’t mean to brag, but they were pretty tasty.  I made mine with 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg (enriched with omega-3!), mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, and a scoop of spicy salsa.  This was also a great challenge for me.  In previous attempts to make an omelette, I always end up with scrambled eggs with goodies intertwined in the dish.  However, this time, I was determined to get it into a perfect circle.  The most terrifying part was the flip, because that is where things could have taken a wrong turn.  My mom and grandma’s omelets weren’t perfect, but on my last try, I got it!! Third time’s a charm!


Yummy Breakfast

12 Jul

This morning, I was craving avocado.  So I made scrambled egg whites and mashed up half an avocado and put it on top of a piece of toast! It was surprisingly filling and the chili flakes sprinkled on top were a nice addition to a fairly plain breakfast. Mmm


I love me some avocado


The finished product.